The ESEnfCVPOA and the Research and Development Department (GID) are responsible for organizing the Third International Conference on Health Research: Promoting Health Through Research. This conference focuses on practice Based on the evidence and will take place in the school auditorium on the 5th to 7th April 2017. The evidence-based practice, in health, is extremely important to the practice of appropriate, scientifically valid and safe care. All health processes and procedures should be contextualised, coherent and rigorous, to be valid and recognized by the scientific and global community. The challenge is to promote a positive attitude and proactive processes that show a continuous improvement on the basis of research results, in order to become useful to professional practice, to the person and to the family. Exposing critical scientific research results should be a goal in any study because it will be scientific research when this occurs.

There is now greater awareness by health professionals for clinical practice based on evidence, but it is necessary to continuously feed this process. The effective improvement of personal, professional, in group and organizational include this continuous awareness!

The purpose of the event, developed based on previous editions, is to emphasize the link between research and practice by assembling a wide range of work on the health related to practice. These works come from an equally wide range of related disciplines, including primary health care, emergency services, public health, pediatrics, mental health, aging, as well as the economy, education, social sciences and ethics, information technology in health and methods and implementation of research.

The organization will facilitate the creation and strengthening of research cooperation networks and clinical practice, which produce useful results for the promotion of health of the person, the family and the global community.

Dear Researchers, Professionals and Students, together we must promote research and clinical practice of excellence!